An IDK Explanation

IDK–What I Don’t Know…

What’s the deal with religion and queer love these days? If one more rapper says ‘no homo’ is it OK if I scream? Does praying away the gay really work because I think I’m doing it wrong. Can lesbians get to heaven too? Why wouldn’t I choose to be straight if being queer means everyone including my government and church get to make me feel horrible about being me? Is it true that gays across seas are being thrown in jail and even legally abused and persecuted? What does LGBTQ even stand for and why do I have to identify with an acronym? Can I still go to church if my religion filed a law suit against an LGBTQ group that wanted to congregate under the denominational name? What does the Bible REALLY say about homosexuality? Can I change?”

IDK–What I DO Know…

I am not a statistic. I wake up every morning in my same skin with the power to change my attitude and how I choose to treat others. I am not my religion. I go to school, I go to work, I hang out with my friends, I am a first class citizen.  The God I know is a God of love. I am one day stronger because I took the time to define myself, my wants, my desires, my needs, my identity.

Welcome to Your IDentity Kit!

Here the war on gender identity, expression, and orientation is no longer about them, it’s about you. Here you will find bits and pieces of information that will help you identify yourself and your ideas in this mayhem of political, religious, and hetero-sexist hearsay. After so many teens being bullied, after all the discrimination, religious abuse, suicides and death threats it’s time to shut the door on all of those external voices and focus on you–who you are and what you think. In the journey to discovering your gender identity, expression, and orientation there isn’t a news headline or religious doctrine that can tell you what your favorite color is. So why let them dictate who you love, how you love, and how that love represents you in the world? As we close the door we welcome you to Your Identity Kit. Let’s get to discovering the you outside of the war.