About Your IDK

What’s In Your ID Kit: For Queer Christian Youth?

This booklet starts a one on one discussion with the reader on subjects such as gender expression, gender identity, orientation, spirituality, and religion. The second person perspective acts as a trusted friend, telling teens it’s OK to let go and ask those tricky questions about sex and God. Within these pages teens are urged to affirm both their sexual identities as well as their spiritualities.


Discovery Cards:
These cards act as a directory of resources. They are to be read alongside the booklet as a supplemental tool. Everyone needs a little help. These cards will guide you to which of the many LGBTQ organizations that can help you with questions on sex, problems with bullying, community groups, affirming churches, and parent resources with referrals to magazines, novels, stories of others like you, and DVDs.  These cards are complete with key word definitions and helpful charts that further explain the contents of the booklet. Each card is numbered with in text citationsto help you follow along .


Your IDK Game:
This 2-4 person game can be a conversation starter or hours of identity affirming fun. Create stories of your own, answer questions, and learn new words. Most importantly this game allows you to  play a part in defying stereotypes about what it means to be queer, religious, and successful.


Who Is This Kit For?

The beauty of the Kit is that it is made singly for that isolated teenager growing up in Podunk Middle America who discovers they have a crush on their best friend. What makes that scenario even more frightening is that they have heard the word “homosexual” coupled with “abomination” at church and the word “queer” followed up with actions of bullying at school. In these situations, what’s a queer to do?
You as an educator, mentor, authority figure, can help.
In essence this Kit is actually created for Youth PastorsTeachersParents of questioning teens, and Guidance Counselors. You are the ones who encounter the teen who needs help with their burdoning questions.
The beauty of the Kit is that is made for a one on one interaction with you and your young adult as well as larger groups. This Kit is dynamic enough for you to use in a workshop, after school program, or youth group gathering. If you have a group of young adults who would benefit from understanding their sexual identities (yes even straight teens) as well as defying stereotypes then download the Instructional PDF to learn how to read the Kit with a group of young adults (and parents!). If your group is larger than 15 people, consider hosting a workshop by inviting one of our Presenters to join your group.

What Is Everything Else For?

PDF: One on one Kit discovery and small group discussions.
Workshops: For churches & community centers with more than 15 participants (think of it as a way to invite new members)
Trainings: Teaching your clients and employees how to be sensitive to queer Christian issues.


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