The Kit to Teen Campaign

The IDentity Kits are in and so far we have identified 3 youth in Pennsylvania and 15 youth in California who are in need of a Kit of their own. Those numbers are still growing. Kits are $20 a piece. With your help we can get these 18 youth this tool to help them assuage worries and fears about being gay, lesbian, trans, bi AND Christian. To find out more about each Kit click here.

What’s in a Kit?

  • Booklet: This is a community center in a book–answering tough questions about orientation, sexual identity, and tackling daunting questions like what does the Bible really say, how do I start coming out, and where can I find resources to help me long after I’ve read the book?
  • Cards: These game cards categorize the various parts of our identities. Play this game to spark conversation around parts of your identity that can empower you to be all you can be.
  • Sticker: To help you remember that your identity matters and you are not alone.

Donate $20 and help one more youth receive a Kit of their very own by clicking here or going to our Donate page.

Do you know of a teen who could use this resource? Help us get them a Kit by adding their name or your name to this confidential list by emailing it to Crystal@youridk or simply click here to fill out the form.

The Team of Your IDK


What Would You Do?

I was always taught that you couldn’t be Christian and gay or lesbian. This was supported by religious and queer people. Now that I am older, I see how silly it is to try to separate spirituality from sexuality. Your ID Kit is a tool for young adults, and basically anyone, who needs both their spirituality and gender identity affirmed and supported. Join us in this revolution as we fight to normalize homosexuality for the fundamentalist believer.

What we find is that there are locations where pockets of well informed, compassionate people allow queer rights and equality to thrive. These folk who have come to take on a modern understanding of individuality affirm the many possible combinations of the family unit. Their affirmation inspires us so much. When we as queer individuals find ourselves in such company we can’t help but think, “Wow, America is so evolved, I’m happy to be here.” Continue reading