The mission of The IDentity Kit Project is to engage and teach youth and young adults the skill of civic dialogue on topics at the intersection of sexuality and religious identity. The idea of civic dialogue and civility conveys multiple meanings:

Civility implies respect: respect for both yourself and the person with whom the conversation takes place. This respect is based on the idea that each is equal and separate and deserving of respect.

Civility implies mutuality: each party in the discussion agrees to be bound by the rules of debate. Once there is a violation of those rules, the debate can end.

Civility implies reason: that each side has considered their part of the argument, which is why we take the approach of knowing yourself, knowing where we stand, and knowing what we believe.

We choose to engage in conversation in the areas of sexuality and religious identity because they are two areas that traditionally have not engaged in healthy dialogue. We don’t teach a particular dogma or question our clients’ beliefs; instead we equip youth and young adults with the tools to think through how to integrate their religious beliefs with their understanding of their own being, specifically their understanding of their own sexuality and gender identity. Our goal is to help our clients live with full integrity. Instead of living with compartmentalized views of their religion and sexual or gender identity, it is our hope that individuals will be able to reconcile these spheres through sharing of stories, knowledge, and experience. Because of our non-sectarian approach, we have enjoyed support from various religious and nonreligious organizations, corporations, and community groups.