The Team of Your IDK

Meet The Team of Your IDentity Kit:

Executive Director
Crystal Cheatham

Is an Acoustic Singer/Writer/Educatorand the Director of Programs for the IDentity Kit Project. Crystal has worked with churches and Universities across the United states by way of her freelance writing, touring as a singer/songwriter, andjoining Soulforce as an Equality Rider. As the author of The IDentity Kit: For Queer Christian Youth, Crystal now works to develop the IDentity Kit Project to ensure that every LGBTQ youth knows their Higher Power loves them the way that they are.



Graphic Designer & Coordinator
Karis Yusavitz

Karis grew up in Philly and was blessed to be born into a loving, open, and affirming family. Raised Catholic by a former priest and nun, Karis had the privilege of being surrounded by a diverse community of people whose faith lives pushed them to question and talk about the “hard issues.” Being in communion with all sorts of people is important to Karis and is the driving force behind whatever work she is doing. Before IDK she was Director of Operations at a local non-profit. Karis continues to freelance as a graphic designer and primarily works with non-profits and faith-based organizations. In her free time you can find her running around the city, cooking in her kitchen, enjoying craft beer with her family, cheering on the Phillies or out and about supporting her wonderful friends and the work they do. She is excited to be a part of the IDK team!

J. Mason

Mason Is a Black/Trans/Queer educator and performer and a program administrator at NYU. Mason has worked with thousands of people on the needs of LGBTQ youth and adults in faith communities, schools, shelters, medical agencies, juvenile justice organizations, and foster care programs by way of the Bryson Institute of the Attic Youth Center in Philadelphia and as the Director of Education for Soulforce. A well seasoned performer, Mason has toured internationally.


Christina Ferraz

With a passion for communication, Christina is a publicist for 3.6.5. with over ten years of experience in marketing, sales and journalism. A Texan ex-pat, she loves everything about Philly and its close-knit queer community. Christina spends her free time volunteering, fundraising and supporting every LGBTQ event and cause in the city and documents it all for online magazine, She dedicates all of herself only to causes and companies she believes in and looks forward to becoming more involved in the Philadelphia gay community.


Volunteer Facilitator
Jack Cooper

Coop is a long time queer activists and has served in the Philadelphia area for years. Working to aid and promote the transgender community, Coop has help bring to life large functions like the Trans Health Conference, Philadelphia’s unique yearly conference that brings in thousands from across the globe. Coop has also initiated and organized small events starting with the Trans March and other interfaith events with the William Way Community Center and Trains Faith Online. Coop joins the IDK Team as a volunteer facilitator and workshop builder.


457962_869216481237_1270278526_oVolunteer Facilitator
Ovid Amorson

 Spends a lot of time thinking about race, gender, class, and faith and the intersections thereof. Ovid can be described as a child of God, a man, a person of trans experience, a childcare provider, a trans* activist, an aspiring puppeteer, an artist, a writer, a reader, creator of The My Body Is My Own Project, and a very unprofessional dancer. He believes in Love.