Spirited Show And Tell Workshop

0531_IndividualCards (dragged) 1The IDentity Kit Project Presents
A Spirited Show and Tell
Starting Monday, March 25th at 6pm
6-Week Workshop Series

He said”
“She said”
“Ouches and Oops”

We’ve all got religion related hang-ups. Whether it came from your sister, mother or brother, pastor, bishop or rabbi, somebody has made you question what it means to be religious. If you are LGBTQ identified we invite you to come share your “ouches” and “oopses” with us. We’ve been there too. Come if you are looking for healing or to simply be heard. If this sounds like a group that you want to participate in then lock in your spot with an RSVP email to Crystal@youridk.com. There is only so much room in this workshop so first come first serve. Facilitators Ovid Amorson, Jack Cooper and Crystal Cheatham are hoping to see you there and hear your story!

-The Team of Your IDK

You Will…                                                        Together We Will…
*Build community                                              *Affirm our experiences
*Reclaim your humanity                                   *Free ourselves from misconceptions
*Recognize your hurt                                         *Challenge ourselves to be interfaith

Join us at The Church of the Holy Trinity, Rittenhouse. 1904 Walnut Street


What can you add to the conversation?

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