New Home in Rittenhouse

421557_10150929477806553_715217694_nThe IDentity Kit Project is happy to announce its new home at the Church of the Holy Trinity in Rittenhouse Square. Starting January 7th our permanent residence will be in a spacious office on the second floor of the church. Reverend Alan Neil is “excited to have the work of the IDK projected from our church.”

Along with a new home the IDK will also be working with the Attic Youth Center. Starting the week of January 7th free workshops will be available for teens and young adults ages 14-24 on Tuesday and Thursdays from 4:00-5:15 in the Youth Lounge. The series will run through February 14th, 2013. The Attic will also purchase Kits for attendees. If you or someone in the Philadelphia area is interested in attending contact for more information.

It’s looking like a promising year for the IDK. We are definitely getting off to a good start. Thank you for your support. Learn more about scheduling workshops on our How it Works tab, and thank you for your gifts.

The Team of Your IDK


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