The Invites Are In!

Hello everyone and thanks for stopping in. We the team of  Your IDK are excited to announce that the Kit: For Queer Christian Youth is finally complete and ready to meet the public. It’s taken a while to get here but that just makes our arrival that much more monumental.

Secret invites have been sent out to some pretty special individuals. If you are one of those folks we can’t wait to share the experience of unveiling the Kit with you. If you haven’t gotten yours yet but you believe you should be there with us, please don’t hesitate to contact us (

The Kit couldn’t have come at a better time. Have you seen some of the tweets people are posting about the decisions happening in schools? @PerezHilton tweets:

“Tennessee has banned the word “gay” or ANY discussion of homosexuality from schools. So what are the LGBT kids gonna to do? Feel more alone?”

It’s as if people are unsure of what to do with queer youth, let alone queer Christian youth. They tried to ignore it but kids started to get bullied. They tried to pray away the gay through Ex Gay Ministries, but that system has since fallen to shambles. Now they have a mess on their hands with questions on how stop the bullying, what to do with the queer youth, how to bridge the crack that they allowed to grow into a chasm. Some states have taken great strides to put a lid on queer activity, but as it turns out you can deny us equal rights, you can pretend that we don’t exist, but segregation on any level will not stop homosexuality from being a permanent factor in our world today. Let’s solve this puzzle friends. Let’s take it into our own hands and let them know that you can be queer, Christian, young, old, and successful. How do we prove to them that the word “gay” is not the problem? It’s much deeper then that.

If you have ideas on how to support queer Christian growth, we hope to see you at the workshop June 5th.

Your IDK Team


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